During the 7th edition of the FII Forum, the Royal Commission for AlUla signs a major strategic partnership with the French group Alstom, world leader in integrated transport systems.

  • 5 km of immersive tramway experience, seamlessly connecting AlUla’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historic oasis towns, and contemporary urban centres
  • Designed as a core component of the Journey Through Time masterplan, echoing AlUla’s unique blend of culture, heritage, and nature
  • Leading French transport manufacturer Alstom contracted to provide trains and systems that align with AlUla’s sustainability objectives

In April 2018, Saudi Arabia and France signed an intergovernmental agreement on the sustainable development of the AlUla region and its transformation into a world-class cultural and tourist destination.

Born from this agreement, the French Agency for the Development of AlUla (AFALULA) aims to mobilize all French expertise (experts, operators, companies) and to support, within a co-construction framework, its Saudi partner, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU).

The Agency brings together some of the world’s best experts in all the key areas of the project: museography, archaeology, architecture and urban planning, agriculture and botany, tourism, education, infrastructure, horses, security, water and environmental management.

The joint desire of Saudi Arabia and France is to implement, through the AlUla project, a new model of economic and touristic development focused on the preservation of the environment, respectful of history, territories and inclusive of the local population. This component of sustainable development is at the heart of the bilateral agreement signed between the two nations.

On October 24, 2023, during the 7th edition of the FII Forum held in Riyadh, an ambitious partnership covering the creation of a responsible experiential tramway in AlUla was signed with leading French group Alstom.

“The signing of this major contract with the French group Alstom testifies to the shared ambition of Saudi Arabia and France to offer AlUla smart and innovative solutions in the fields of mobility and regional planning for the benefit of AlUla’s inhabitants and international visitors. It is also a reminder of the excellence of our French companies in cutting-edge technologies designed to create responsible environments and unique living spaces for all.” Jean-Yves Le Drian, Chairman of AFALULA

The contract signed with Alstom covers the creation of a responsible experiential tramway in AlUla.

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) shared the progress of its ambitious AlUla Experiential Tramway project. With 20 state-of-the-art trains running on a 22.5 km line featuring 17 strategic stations and stops, the initiative encapsulates luxury, history, and green mobility like no other.

The low-carbon AlUla Tramway will be powered by trains and systems provided by Alstom, a global leader in sustainable transportation. The tramway draws inspiration from the historic Hijaz railway; passengers will be immersed in a journey encapsulating AlUla’s profound connection to its history. The tram will connect AlUla’s five core historical districts, promising an authentic, visual experience from oasis to desert while capturing the essence of pilgrimages from centuries past.

AlUla’s Experiential Tramway stands as a testament to RCU’s innovation and commitment to sustainable transportation. This emphasis on multi-mobility options underscores Saudi Arabia’s drive towards environmental sustainability and heritage conservation.

Envisioned as the catalyst of RCU’s expansive Journey Through Time masterplan, the tramway offers visitors and residents a luxurious passage through the world’s largest living museum: AlUla.

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