The AlUla Project


A major project to transform Saudi Arabia    

At the forefront of the Vision 2030 plan initiated by the Saudi government to modernize the country, the AlUla project is part of a series of major projects to diversify its economy and raise its profile from an international perspective.

The cornerstone of the Kingdom’s cultural and touristic ambitions, the AlUla project will develop an archaeological, cultural and touristic complex - an open-air living museum - in a region as vast as Belgium. This major investment aims to make the AlUla region one of the Kingdom’s cultural capitals.

By showcasing the region’s stunning heritage – millennium-old archaeological sites, breath-taking landscapes – Saudi Arabia intends to retell its great history.


A new touristic experience

Through culture (archaeological routes, museums, old town) and nature (remarkable landscapes, desert, oasis), the project will be dedicated to offering an authentic and sensory touristic experience faithful to the traditions of hospitality in the Arab World.

Sustainable development,
the cornerstone of the project

In accordance with the will of Saudi Arabia and of France, AlUla has the ambition to become, thanks to the most advanced knowledge and techniques, a flagship project in terms of sustainable development, focused on the absolute preservation of the environment, respectful of history, and inclusive of local populations.