Core Expertise


Culture & Heritage

Sophie Makariou

Sophie Makariou is Chief curator of the French Museums. She was trained at the Ecole du Louvre, at the Langues O (INALCO) and the EHESS in art history and history and specialised in the art of the Islamic world.  After getting her tenure from the National Institute of Heritage, she joined the Near Eastern Antiquities Department of the musée du Louvre in 1994. She was then in charge of conducing the first important mulimedia project developped in the Louvre.  She was entrusted to conceive the future Department of Islamic Art, of which she was director. The new wing was inaugurated in 2012. She taught art history at the Ecole du Louvre from 1993 to 2010. She was appointed President (CEO) of the Guimet National Museum of Asian Art in 2013 ; during 9 years she run the museum where she developed a program of contemporary artistic “carte blanche”. She curated various exhibitions in France and abroad. She is the head of the Scientific Committee of the Musée des tissus et des arts décoratifs in Lyon, a member to the French jury of the Praemium Imperiale (Japan) and of the Orchid Awards (China). She is a knight of the French Ordre national du Mérite, Officer of the Japanese Order of the Rising. She joined AFALULA Agency in January 2023.

Ingrid Périssé


Ingrid Périssé

Ingrid Périssé holds a PhD in Classical Archaeology and Art History from Bordeaux University and a Master degree in Architecture and Heritage from the School of Architecture and the Faculty of Historical Sciences of Strasbourg. As a Near Eastern archaeology expert, she has worked since 1999 in several international archaeological missions and led several projects. She is associate researcher of the Hisoma Institute of the Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée in Lyon and of the French Institut of the Middle East in Beirut (Lebanon). Qualified ass.professor, she has taught Archaeology, Heritage, ancient History and Art History for nearly 20 years. She became Director of the Department of Archaeology and Art History at Sorbonne Université Abu Dhabi (UAE) in 2014, where she led a Master of Art History and Museum Studies. In 2019, she received there the Forbes award for the best academic programs in the field of Humanities in the Middle East. She joined AFALULA Agency in October 2019.


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Architecture & Development

Etienne Tricaud

After a year as a design engineer with Ove Arup in London and RFR in Paris, Etienne Tricaud joined the French National Railway (SNCF) as a project manager and later became Head of SNCF Station Design Office. In 1997, he founded AREP with Jean-Marie Duthilleul. AREP is a 100% subsidiary of SNCF, where he became CEO and managed architecture, engineering and urban planning activity as well as major realisations in the fields of stations (TGV Mediterranean, TGV East, TGV Rhine-Rhone, major Paris stations), transportation hubs, public buildings, offices, commerce and housing, urban developments, for SNCF in France and for public and private clients in France and abroad. He was named President of AREP Group in 2012. He joined Afalula Agency in January 2019.


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Tourism & Hospitality

Nicolas Lefebvre

Nicolas Lefebvre has been active in the tourism industry for 13 years. He worked as CEO for the Eiffel Tower operating company and later joined Paris Visitors and Convention Bureau where he was directly involved in the promotion of Paris as a world touristic destination. He is a former member of the Board of European Cities Marketing, Paris&Co and the World Federation of Great Towers and also a former advisor to the French minister of Economy, Finance and Industry. He joined Afalula Agency in January 2019.


Security & Safety

Charles Yvinec

Charles Yvinec is a former Senior French Police officer. After studying law, he joined the French National Police School (ENSP) from which he graduated in 1984. He held various positions in the Border Police department before joining the cabinet of the Director General of the National Police as a senior officer within the international relations unit, while also serving as deputy cabinet director. After that he joined the Presidency of the Republic for three years as senior officer in charge of the relations with the Ministry of the Interior. In 2004 Charles Yvinec was appointed Security Director at Air France, where he managed several international crises. After this experience in air transport, he was appointed to the French Embassy in Dakar (Senegal) as Internal Security Attaché (ASI) in charge of cooperation in aviation security for the entire African continent. After these six years in West Africa, he joined the ICTS Europe Group as Vice President Africa and Key Accounts. Charles Yvinec was also named Knight of the National Order of Merit. He joined Afalula Agency in July 2022.


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Human Capital

Guilhem Constans

Graduated from the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne in History and Management, Guilhem Constans holds an MBA in Hospitality Management. He has spent most of his career in the Middle East (Lebanon and Sultanate of Oman) where he held various positions in educational and cultural cooperation within the network of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, notably as project manager in university cooperation. In France, he has worked in the field of digital training tools for the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and in the private sector, managing a capacity building training institute. He joined Afalula Agency in October 2020.


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Environment & Infrastructures

Anne Lardoux

Anne Lardoux has more than 20 years of international experience in water management and circular economy. Her experience, mainly acquired as advisor and in senior executive positions at SUEZ, relates to public-private partnerships (PPP) and large infrastructure projects across the globe, notably in countries affected by drought and water scarcity (Morocco, Jordan, Mexico, Chile and Australia).
The scope of her expertise includes business development, negotiations, investments, development of public policies and financing of major projects. She has interacted with a large diversity of public and private stakeholders, in support of national and local authorities, including local communities, utilities, engineering firms, EPC contractors, multi-lateral financial institutions, international banks, as well as investors. Anne led transformation initiatives and drove operational business restructuring. She has also served on the board of several joint venture investment projects around the world since 2010 and has developed a vast network of relationships in the environmental sector.
She joined Afalula Agency in January 2021.

Elisabeth Dodinet

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Perfume & Botany

Elisabeth Dodinet

Elisabeth Dodinet has long-standing experience in archaeo-ethno-botany and in aromatic plant research. She has acted both as a consultant to the perfume and cosmetic industries and as an independent researcher within programs funded by the French National Research Agency. In 2008, she set up the Federation of the French Botanical National Conservatories which she managed for two years. She is also a member of the French IUCN Commission for the Conservation of Species and works in teams or project-based networks with scientists and archaeologists as well as with the private sector. She joined Afalula Agency in September 2018.


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Stephane Forman

Stephane Forman is a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine and an agriculture sector specialist. He has over fifteen years of experience in sustainable rural and agricultural development in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Middle-East. He holds a Diploma in Veterinary Science from the Ecole Nationale Veterinaire d’Alfort (ENVA) and has worked in international organizations such as the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the World Bank that he joint in 2008. A specialist in agro-pastoral dry areas’ development, he has acquired specific skills in agricultural projects management, agri-business, livestock and animal health and food safety and security. He was lastly coordinating the World Bank’s agriculture portfolio for the PNG and Pacific Islands sub-region based in Sydney, Australia. He joint the Afalula Agency in August 2019.

Antoine Sinniger

Equestrian Projects

Antoine Sinniger

For 23 years, Antoine Sinniger worked in the commercial development and marketing sectors at the Cadre Noir de Saumur, the most prestigious national equestrian school in France, where he was appointed as commercial development and communications manager. In 2010, he became Director General of the Deauville International Horse Center. Among other events, the Center hosts more than 10 international competitions totaling more than 80 competition days per year, as well as a riding school with an equestrian center, a pony club, professional training activities, stabling and training for sports horses, and a polo school. He joined AFALULA Agency in December 2020.

Youssef Safouane


Youssef Safouane

Youssef Safouane is an engineer from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers in Paris and former student of Sciences-Po Paris and ENA (CIL). Hebrings 20 years of experience in various facets of business development. He began his career in the Moroccan public service sector in 2004, serving as advisor to the Minister of the Interior and later the CEO of a public company specializing in major infrastructure development in the Casablanca region. In 2010, Youssef moved to big business by joining OCP Group, the world leader in phosphates, and in 2011 took over the management of its main "non-phosphate" development subsidiary as CEO. An entrepreneur since 2015, with projects developed personally and on behalf of third parties in Paris, Casablanca, and West Africa, he joined AFALULA Agency in September 2018.