The French Agency for AlUla Development (AFALULA) is proud to announce the signing of a contract between the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) and French consortium Egis-Assystem-Setec

Transformation of AlUla gathers pace as RCU signs a strategic partnership with Egis-led French consortium.

Today, 27th October 2021, a contract is signed establishing a long-term strategic partnership between the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) and an international French consortium comprising Egis, Assystem and Setec that will further accelerate the regeneration of AlUla as it moves from the planning stage to implementation following the launch of its masterplan in April, 2021.

The consortium will mobilise an international team with complementary skills, experience, and expertise to oversee the execution and operation of the entire AlUla County infrastructures. The French consortium will bring infrastructure programme management and construction management capabilities to support on-time delivery of AlUla’s most urgent projects and long-term development. As such, it offers a new perspective on infrastructure delivery defined by a coordinated approach. A core team will based in AlUla including high-level specialists for engineering, construction and operation management and a
range of international experts to bridge any knowledge gaps.

Laurent Germain, CEO of the Egis Group, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed as PMCM Consultant on this project. Our three highly regarded firms, Egis, Assystem and Setec, brought together as SEA Joint Venture, are unified, committed, and eager to showcase our best capabilities on behalf of the Royal Commission. As longstanding members of the Saudi business community, we are very excited to be part of the development of AlUla going forward. Our long-term partnership with the Royal Commission will be based on technology transfer, innovation and best practices.”

The Egis-led consortium will contribute to making AlUla a sustainable, innovative and inclusive development model, designed to benefit the local population and visitors from around the world.

The French Agency for the Development of AlUla (AFALULA) was instrumental in bringing together the French consortium. Afalula Executive Chairman Gérard Mestrallet said: “Today’s agreement deepens the Saudi-Franco partnership at AlUla and across other projects in Saudi Arabia. It also attests to the depth and strength of French engineering and infrastructure international expertise to confront the most challenging aspects of responsible and sustainable development.”

The agreement with the international, Egis-led French consortium set out a comprehensive development schedule based around three phases in the lead up to 2035.

Phase 1 development, covering AlUla’s core 20km historical area, incorporates social, economic and sustainability projects in five unique hubs with a focus on infrastructure, hospitality, arts & culture, and social and community development.

Signing the agreement at the fifth edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII) in Riyadh, RCU CEO Amr AlMadani said: “This new long-term strategic partnership critical to realising our ambition of creating a global benchmark for sustainable tourism. Our new partner will be instrumental in helping us deliver a
detailed and certified plan. While our focus is set on Phase 1, we will ramp up our integrated approach towards the development of Phases 2 and 3 to drive traffic and sustain a regular flow of tourists in the long run.

“As we develop infrastructure and other assets that will help to establish AlUla as an exciting business hub servicing the northwest Arabia region, we require world-class partners such as these who will be with us for the long haul and who share our desire to benefit the people of AlUla while creating unforgettable experiences for visitors.”

The Egis-led consortium shares the values of AlUla’s Sustainability Charter which, through its 12 principles of sustainability, will empower the realisation of a carbon-neutral strategy and circular economy. It will also establish robust and resilient policies for the development of AlUla’s heritage and environmental targets fuelled by renewable energy with 500-plus megawatts of clean power capacity.
By 2035 renewable energy will supply 50 percent of demand.

This partnership will accelerate business and investment opportunities from 2022 onwards and demonstrate the pace of progress to revitalise AlUla as a responsible, sustainable and communityinclusive destination.

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