The French Agency for AlUla Development salutes the architectural, environmental and cultural ambition of the new Resort project presented by Jean Nouvel for the Sharaan site


By revealing his Resort project in the Sharaan reserve of AlUla, Jean Nouvel unveils the promise of a global masterpiece of contextual architecture.

Entirely carved into the rock, the project adapts Nabataean techniques to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with an absolute respect for the environment, the history and the existing landscapes.

A journey through time in which visitors from all over the world will be able to experience the beauty and raw authenticity of AlUla.

Jean Nouvel has presented to the Royal Commission for AlUla his ambition for the prestigious hotel he will realize in the heart of the natural reserve of Sharaan in the course of 2024 as part of the opening of AlUla region to international tourism. This project, selected by the Royal Commission following an international competition in 2018, is one of the most emblematic aspects of the collaboration between Saudi Arabia and France which was sealed by an intergovernmental agreement on April 10, 2018.

Gérard Mestrallet, Executive President of Afalula, said: “As a member of the international jury in charge of selecting the most relevant project for the Sharaan Reserve, I had the pleasure to discover Jean Nouvel’s very first architectural intentions and to appreciate his keen interest in the territory and culture of the province of AlUla. He then had an incredible understanding of the location and was eager to bring it to life with a unique accomplishment.

The detailed project Jean Nouvel has just submitted for approval to the Royal Commission offers a truly modern and sensorial interpretation of the landscapes of Sharaan, of its mystery and Nabataean heritage. By leveraging the spectacular natural environment, Jean Nouvel has been able to showcase the beauty and the diversity of Sharaan lines, shadows and textures with a strong cultural act. It also underlines, as part of the co-construction of AlUla’s future, the strong commitment of Afalula to bring to his Saudi partner projects and talents that demonstrate a deep understanding of Saudi heritage as well as best-in-class technical expertise. ”

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