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The French Agency for AlUla Development (AFALULA) is proud to announce the signing of a contract between the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) and French consortium Egis-Assystem-Setec

27 October 2021

Transformation of AlUla gathers pace as RCU signs a strategic partnership with Egis-led French consortium.

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Masterplan « Voyage à travers le temps »

The Journey Through Time Masterplan marks a major step in protecting and sharing the AlUla cultural and heritage site with the world

7 April 2021

Five unique districts, connected by a 20km-long public realm called the Wadi of Hospitality, will protect 200,000 years of natural and human history across the 20km-long core historical area of AlUla, a unique cultural landscape located in north-west Arabia, encompassing a wadi (seasonal river valley) and culminating in the Nabataean city of Hegra, a UNESCO…

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The French Agency for AlUla Development salutes the architectural, environmental and cultural ambition of the new Resort project presented by Jean Nouvel for the Sharaan site

27 October 2020

By revealing his Resort project in the Sharaan reserve of AlUla, Jean Nouvel unveils the promise of a global masterpiece of contextual architecture.

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The destination of Alula and Assouline publishing launch alula featuring photography by Robert Polidori and paintings by Ignasi Monreal

7 September 2020

The new book, launching in September, immerses readers in the culture and mystique of AlUla through stunning landscapes, ancient sites, and interpretive illustrations

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Royal Commission for AlUla unveils expansion with Accor in partnership with the Banyan Tree brand

11 August 2020

AlUla, Saudi Arabia, 9 August 2020: The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has announced a partnership agreement with Accor as part of its strategy to develop AlUla as a tourism destination for nature, culture and heritage.

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Maraya wins prestigious architecture award

10 August 2020

Maraya, a multi-purpose concert and entertainment venue in AlUla, North West Saudi Arabia, has been named a winner in one of the world’s biggest architecture awards. AlUla is a destination of global significance with 200,000 years of human history and culture at the crossroads of ancient civilisations. The Architizer A+ Awards is the world’s largest…

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Major exhibition presenting treasures of the ancient crossroads of AlUla in Saudi Arabia opens at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris

9 October 2019

AlUla, Wonder of Arabia is the first major exhibition to present AlUla’s spectacular nature, archaeological treasures and cultural heritage, taking visitors on a journey through time spanning 7,000 years.

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Cultural Manifesto released by the Royal Commission for AlUla

7 October 2019

The cultural manifesto published by the Royal Commission for AlUla captures the global scale of this major project.

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Royal Commission for AlUla Announces Partnership with Prestigious Luxury Hotel & Resort Brand Aman

6 August 2019

AlUla, Saudi Arabia, 5 August 2019: The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has announced a partnership with the world’s leading hotel and resort brand, Aman, who will develop their first three properties in AlUla.

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